July 9, 2015
3 years and 13 days since
our celebration.
Greetings Family and WELCOME to our first  family reunion!!!

The purpose of this family reunion is to bring the families related to Ozias and Elizabeth Bethel together for the first time.

Ozias and Elizabeth had eleven children, all of whom are deceased. The names of their children are: Grafton, Irving, John, James, Whitfield, Myrtis, Garnet, Naomi, Nenture, Viola, and Leila.

Every effort is being made to contact the children, grandchildren and relatives of the siblings mentioned above, so if you are related to any of them, this reunion is for you.

The reunion is scheduled for July 9th-July 12th 2015 in the beautiful Nassau Bahamas.
Don’t forget to share this information with other family members to avoid any relatives being left out. This reunion is expected to be HUGE!!

I was in Nassau on August 1st 2014 to form a reunion committee and I am very pleased with the enthusiasm and anxiety of all members. I will be sharing more information later so Save The Dates!

Please complete the RSVP form now. Just click on the RSVP tab to your left to be counted in the family celebration.

(This is vital information that we would need in order to make sure that we have adequate space, food,  transportation, gift bags, etc.)

Please feel free to sign the guest book, and browse each of the tabs to the left of the page for frequently updates, and not to mention share your ideas, pictures and comments with other family members.

Because of the magnitude of  the family reunion
we will need volunteers to help make this event run smooth and be a success. If you have any talents, specalities, or would love to help please visit the Volunteers tab on the left.

If you have any questions you may send an email to OEBethelFamily@gmail.com.

Thank you in advance and we can't wait to meet all the family.

Sincerely Yours,
Gregory Culmer, Chairman

We are counting down the days!!!!

Our website will be updated soon, as we are finalizing the last few details.
I would like to send a BIG THANKS to thoose who have helped and are able to volunteer. This means so much and we look to having a very successful Family Reunion.
We are still in need of  more volunteers and if you can help please feel free to reach out.

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