July 9, 2019
8 months and 21 days left
until our celebration.

THE 2019

When: July 9th - July 14th 2019
Where: Nassau, Bahamas



Family and Friends Reunion
Greetings members of the O. E. Bethel family! It is my pleasure to announce that we are in the process of uniting once again in Nassau Bahamas during the week of the Bahamas Independence celebrations of July 2019. This reunion will also include friends of the families.
There will be an estimated fifty or more people coming from the United States so we’ll call this a Family and Friends Reunion.
We are in the early stages of planning this magnificent event and will be needing assistance to make it successful.
We want to give anyone who has never been to The Bahamas a warm welcome when they visit. Listed below are a few things that we anticipate doing:

Meet and greet Beach Day
The Meet and Greet Beach Day is the Main Event of the Family Reunion. It is tentatively for Yamacraw beach. Date and time to be announced.  We chose Yamacraw Beach because it is most likely to be less crowded for our event and it also eliminates the cost of renting a building. We will need volunteers to help with getting to the beach early to reserve our spot, chairs, old blankets to sit on, games, etc. If you have ideas or ways you could help, please feel free to contact us.

Norell Shaw: shawnorell@att.net

Gregory Culmer: cgregorywayne@hotmail.com

Clyde King: cking736@bellsouth.net


We ask that every family and friend who attends bring a dish or contribute. Family and Friends from the States will donate money because they will have no way to bring a dish. The potluck would be an excellent opportunity for our families and guest whom never had an authentic Bahamian dish, experience the authentic taste of the Bahamas. Bahamian dishes we need will be as follows: pigeon peas and rice, conch fritters, fried fish, macaroni and cheese, coconut cake, guava dough, fried plantain, chicken souse, crab and rice, etc. We are also looking to have hamburgers, hotdogs, chips, drinks, plates, cups, paper towels, ice, coolers, tables, condiments, grill supplies, etc.

Listed Below are the activities we plan to have. If you have any ideas or other items that will be helpfl, please feel free to bring it. If you have any of the items we need for the following activities and can help bring some of the things, please send an email so we can keep track of who is bringing what. We much appreciate your help.

Jet Skis.
We would like to have a few jet skis available for rental. If you know someone who owns jet skis, we would like to see if they will be able to attend the event and the cost they charge for riders. Anyone who wants to participate will be responsible for the cost to ride jet skis.

Tug of war.  We need a long rope.

Egg and spoon race. We need hard boiled eggs and a few plastic spoons.

Bag racing. We will need a few crocus bags.

We can have our own junkanoo, so bring your goat skin drums, cow bells and whistles.

Karaoke. This event is for those who want to express their vocal talents.

Dance contest. This event will display the dancers among the crowd.


We need a few large tents.

Transportation. Most of our U.S. guests will be staying on Paradise Island and will need transportation to and from the beach and other events. We are reaching out to trolly owners to get this worked out.
Activites Outside of the Main Event:

These are a list of activities that we can do as a family in addition to the Main Event. Dates for these activities will be posted at a later date.

This is optional. Please check back for upcoming details.

Nightlife event is still in the works. On a day other than the Meet and Greet Beach Day, we as a family can visit a native Bahamian Show.
Please note, we plan to reserve a nightclub owned by Barabbas (Barabbas and the tribe) to see a Native Bahamian Show. Details will be announced as they are finalized.

Leisure Activities.
Leisure Activities would include things like an island tour, Surrey (boat) rides, Blue Lagoon Island excursion, swim with the dolphins, Straw market, etc.

We look forward to seeing all of you next year, and we welcome your input and suggestions that would make this event a huge success. Let’s welcome our Friends from near and far and make them feel special by being around and celebrating Our Family Reunion.

Gregory Culmer

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