Frequent Ask Questions
Frequent Ask Questions
Q. When is this event going to take place?
A. This event is tentively for July 9th, - July 12th of 2015.

Q. Where is this event taking place?
A. This event is taking place in Nassau Bahamas, more details to come so visit the site frequently to stay updated.

Q. I would like to volunteer, How could I help?
A. Thank you for wanting volunteer, your time and help would be very much appreciated. First you can go to the volunteer page on the left to see which committee you would love to extend a helping hand, then you can email someone from that committee will reach out to you.

Q. How do we buy tickets?
A. Check back soon for an update

Q. How do I (we) RSVP?
A. You can RSVP for you and your family by clicking on the RSVP tab on the left and fill out the form.

Q. Can I upload pictures to the website?
A. Yes. Anyone can upload pictures to the website.

Q. Who can sign the Guest Book?
A. Anyone can sign the Guest Book.

Q. What are the Memorials for?
A. The
   Memorials are for our love ones that have past on to be with the Lord. Please feel free to upload pictures, names, who they were, and their sunrise and sunset dates if known.