Hello family! I apologize for the delay in updating our website; however, I am happy to announce that we are well on our way to an exciting First Bethel Family Reunion! I would like to thank everyone who has been working so diligently under adverse circumstances to help make this possible. We still have a few details being addressed.


So far, we have reserved the dining hall at East Street Gospel Chapel for our Meet, Greet, & Eat on July 10th. We have also reserved a private beach A.K.A “The Farm” at Adlaide for Food, Music, & Fun activities on July 11th.
(This is the same beach Bahamen used for their first recording!)

Here is a brief schedule for our reunion.

Friday July 10th

8:00am -10am                Set up and Hall Decorating
10am – 12pm                  Registration
12pm – 7pm                    Meet, Greet, & Eat

Saturday Times will be updated soon.

The cost for this reunion is as follows:

Adults (Ages 13 and up) $40.00 per person
Children (Ages 6yrs - 12 yrs) $20.00 per person 
Infants and Toddlers (Ages 5 and under) FREE


This price includes attending both the Meet & Greet, and The Sun n Fun Beach Day, most importantly it includes a chance to meet relatives you never knew existed all under one roof. They will be coming from New York, Columbus Ohio, Tampa Florida, Lakeland Florida, Miami Florida, Atlanta Georgia, Pennsylvania, Eleuthra, Andros and Nassau Bahamas so do not miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to meet them.


Option #1

Purchase on this website.
(Highly Recommended) !!!!!!!
Click the Buy Tickets tab on the left.  
(This is for family that has internet access and can pay online.)
If you know someone that does not have internet access, please lend a helping hand and sign them up on your computer. This will keep down most of the hassle involved in option #2.                                     

Just follow the prompts. You will receive an email confirmation and this will be your ticket. If you can, print it out and bring it with you to Registration in order to get your wristband(s). If you can not, we will have a list of those who paid online at Registration.


You can also contact the following and we can sign you up on our computer we are just a phone call away.
Gregory Culmer
Cell: 813-324-0768
Phone: 813-645-6884
Norell Shaw
Cell: 770-910-3716

Option #2
Deposit money into the Family Reunion bank account in the Bahamas.
(This is for those whom do not have internet access to pay online)


In order to use option #2 you have more steps you MUST take in order to confirm that you have paid and be put on the roster for the family reunion.

1) KEEP YOUR RECEIPT (from the bank deposit) This is your ticket to get in the Family Reunion.

2) You MUST contact one of the following members to let them know the following:

  a) you made a deposit in the family reunion bank account.

  b) The name(s) and age(s) of whom you deposited money in the Family Reunion bank account.

  c) Your phone number (2 contact numbers if you have a second contact number)

  d) Date of your deposit into the Family Reunion Bank account number.

  e) Deposit Receipt Number

  f) your email address if you have one.

3) Members to contact after your deposit:
(only one member needs the information, you do not have to contact each member.)


Gregory Culmer
Cell: 813-324-0768
Phone: 813-645-6884
call anytime

Norell Shaw
Cell: 770-910-3716
call anytime

Lorraine Hall
Home: 242-324-0698
Call Hours:
Monday - Friday: 5pm - 9pm
Saturday: 10am - 9pm
Sunday: Leave voicemail Name, contact, best time to call you back.

By completing these steps, we will be able to enter your paid information online for you after you have made the deposit in the bank.

Bank Information:
Payments can be made at any Royal Bank of Canada in the Bahamas

Payments can be made to:
The Bethel Family Reunion”
Account #:  17313844



All payments must be made no later than June 30th, 2015.

We appreciate your immediate response because everything has to be paid for and some services require a deposit.


If you would like to Donate, you can do so by clicking the donations tab on the left. These donations will go towards addional fees and cost towards the family reunion, the up keep of the website.


Please note, for the safety of all family members, absolutely no cash payments will be accepted at the meet and greet however, we may be able to accept last minute online payment at the dining hall provided we have internet access.
We are aware that there are many family members who have not signed the RSVP because of various reasons and this makes it difficult to get an accurate count to determine hall size and the amount of food needed. We estimate at least two hundred fifty to three hundred people will attend but please bear in mind that this reunion is more of an opportunity to meet other family members and as of this date, nobody knows exactly how many people will attend.
We are in grave need of volunteers for meet and greet, registration, decorating, activities coordinators, security, beach safety patrol, etc. Volunteers can sign up on the website.

As a reminder,
we will be wearing our T-Shirts at the dining hall on Friday July 10. Please note that dining is informal so there is no need to wear a suit and tie.
Each Family will be responsible for getting their own T-Shirt (s) in the color that is assigned to them according to the sibilings of Ozias and Elizabeth Bethel. You can decorate them as you please, or just wear the color.
Here are the colors.
Grafton’s children: Dark Blue
Viola's children: Purple
Leila's children: Orange
James' children: Green
Myrtis' children:Yellow
Naomi's children: Turqoise (light blue)

Nenture, Johnny, Whitfield, Garnet and Irvin did not have any children.

I am looking forward to seeing all of you at the reunion and encourage all family members to get on board ASAP. Only nine weeks left till our reunion so let’s get busy!!

Sincerely Yours,
 Gregory Culmer (Chairman)