We are counting down the days!!!!

Our website will be updated soon, as we are finalizing the last few details.

I would like to send a BIG THANKS to thoose who have helped. This is a very big task at hand and it takes a lot of coordination. We understand and know we are busy with our jobs and families, however there is this other important part of history we all have to discover.

We also want to send a BIG Thanks to those who reached out to let us know they are  able to volunteer. This means so much and we look to having a very successful Family Reunion.

We are still in need of  more volunteers and if you can help please feel free to reach out. Can't wait to see you all in less than 3 months!

We would like to send out a Congratulations
to all the newborn additions to our family..

We would also like to send out our Condolences to those who have lost love ones.

And last but not least, we would like to send out Prayers to those who have been hospitalized and/or not feeling above the weather.

 A Family that Prays together,
Stays together.....

That is why this family reunion is so important, let's pull together and get to know each other.

P.S. We have had additons to our families, family members that have been feeling under the weather and hospitalized, as well as loved ones that has past away. If you can please reach out and post information on the site or email OEBethelFamily@gmail.com, I can update this information on the website to keep the family informed.

Much Love,
OE Bethel Family

Thank you for taking time to read the News Feed.

If you are asking where do you start, you have come to the right place. Listed Below are a list of things to do on this site.
 1. Read the Welcome 

2. Save The Date Page.

3. RSVP. Here you will RSVP for the events you plan to attend. Everyone must register under the Family Reunion Weekend event in the drop down. This is the only place where you can indicate how many hotel rooms you will need blocked out.
You will then need to RSVP for each event you plan to attend separately. You must enter your Last & First name, email address, mark Yes, No or not sure if you will be attending, and also select the   number of guest in your immediate family that will be attending including you. (Ex. Only RSVP for those who live in your household). Do not RSVP for other families under your household.) If a family has limited or no access to the internet, it is ok to RSVP for their family separately on your computer. In the comment area please indicate if that they'll need manual updates mailed to them in the future or you can keep them informed. Don't forget to mention if anyone would need any special arrangements and any additional comments. (Ex. If they do not have email and internet capabilities and would need information mailed to their household, need wheelchair assitance, they have a special diet, etc.) 

4. Sign the Guest Book.
Click on the Guest Book tab on the left.
Click on Please sign our guest book.
Fill in your name, email, and your message.
You must fill in the security code that you see in the box below. (will be number and/or letters).
Click submit.
5. Get the Details
Here you will find the itinerary for the Family Reunion Weekend. Updates will come in due time.

6. Travelers Page
Here is where you will find information on the hotels and flight information for those who need/want hotel rooms, and those who need flight information.
This update will come as soon as we get prices and the best deal we can get as a group.
At this time during the planning stages, if you or someone you know works for a travel agent, we are now looking for the best deal we can get, so please send an email to OEBethelFamily@gmail.com for information that you will need so that we can compare the prices and choose the most reasonable price.

7.  Volunteers Page is for those who wish to volunteer at the Family Reunion. Please visit this page for volunteer information.

8. Other Fun Things
If you wish, you may upload your family photos to the Family Photo page, and memorials of those who have past away to the memorials page.

9. Buy Tickets
This page will be updated as we get more information.